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First Urban Railway System Project in Vietnam

The current project in progress is the Ho Chi Minh City Urban Railway Line 1, the first ever urban railway system in Vietnam. SCC is undertaking the construction of elevated girders and a train yard. A distinctive feature of the project is that it takes the form of a design-build contract, a project delivery method in which the detailed design is done by the Contractor instead of being provided by the project owner, as is usually the case in construction projects. In this project, therefore, preparing the detailed design is the responsibility of SCC, rather than Ho Chi Minh City. One of the benefits of this method is that the entire project, from design to construction, can be managed and optimized by one entity, in this case, SCC. As this method demands highly sophisticated management skills, this type of contract is considered a high-level project. SCC has been working together with trusted partners to meet the increasing demand for improving Vietnam’s infrastructure