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87 spans of viaduct has been complated for installation

As of the end December.2015, SCC contractor has completed to install for 87 spans of viaduct along the Hanoi Highway (area District 2, Thu Duc District), 87 spans a total length equivalent about 3km, after more than 5 months of construction with new technologies. Package 2 section a total length of 17.1km elevated in which the section of viaduct approximately 12km.

This new technology construction is the first applied in Vietnam, shorten construction time compared the method of construction on site for casting concrete and brings many benefits to the community: reducing environmental pollution and reduce traffic congestion. Moreover, the typical U girder prefabricated is aesthetics and high applicability.

Currently, Contracctors have 03 gantrys working and simultaneous execution. The installation for each span of viaduct will complete in 03 days working. Expected installation for spans of viaducts is completing on June 2017. 

                 Launching Ginder No.2 (LG2) working at night

                                 Launching ginder No.3 (LG3)

            Span of viaduct has been complated for installation



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