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Expected to alleviate traffic congestion

Known for its hard-working, imperturbable people, Vietnam is undergoing remarkable economic growth and development. One of its distinguishing features is its relatively young median population age of 29, which adds to the country’s dynamism.

Amid the rapidly developing economy, the population of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest city, has expanded considerably, which has led to the emergence of issues such as heavy traffic congestion caused by motorbikes and vehicles, people’s primary means of transportation, and the accompanying air pollution. The development of infrastructure to support a new mode of mass transportation centering on an urban railway system is therefore needed, making this project key to the solution of such issues.

Ho Chi Minh City Urban Railway Line 1 will run for 19.7 kilometers from the city center to the northeast. SCC is responsible for the construction of 17.2 kilometers of elevated tracks, including 11 stations, as well as a train yard. Completion of the construction work is scheduled for 2017.

As SCC won the contract as a consortium with a Vietnamese government-owned construction company, the project is expected to generate local employment opportunities. The last stop of the railway is planned to connect with a regional bus terminal, which will facilitate the transportation of more people, creating an even more vibrant city.

A dramatic increase in the number of motorbikes and vehicles has led to worsening traffic congestion and air pollution