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PRESS CONFERENCE: Announced traffic diversion management in S3 street, Cat lai intersection for viaduct construction

(PV)- For viaducts construction in Cat Lai intersection belong Metro line 1(Bến Thanh -Suoi Tien section), the vehicles travelling on parallel road of Ha Noi Highway will be follow a new route.  

On 29th. July, the Management Authority for Urban Railway has announced traffic diversion management to the construction of the viaduct structure belong through Hanoi highway of Metro line 1. From 10:00 am date 09 August.2014 to 28 December.2015 , the vehicles will be one-way traffic on parallel roads of Hanoi Highway (section from Le Thuoc street to Giang Van Minh Street) in the direction of Le Thuoc to Giang Van Minh.

Prohibition of all vehicles on the road S3 (Cat Lai intersection, the section from rod No. 1 to Giang Van Minh Street). For two-wheel vehicles in residential areas is allowed travel as normal. Revised routine is as follows : Road S3 -> Road No.1 -> Road No.4 -> Road 5 -> An Phu Street -> Road No.13 -> Giang Van Minh Street -> Hanoi Highway.

Prohibited stopping and parking on Road No.1(section from S3 street to Road No.4), Road No.4(section from Road No.1 to Road No.5, Road No.5(section from No.4 ro An Phu street), An Phu Street (section from Road No.5 to road No.13), Road No.13 (section from An Phu to Gian Van Minh Street), Giang Van Minh Street (section from Road No.13 to S3 street) as revised routine mentioned above.


                                                                              ( revised routine as red line)