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Overall construction progress update June/2015

Overall cumulative actual progress by this year has reached 37.34%. The exists clearance of site in Binh Duong province has completed on March 2015.

At the Site, the Contractor implemented: Continue construction progress section from Bason Shipyard to Depot.

To accelerate the substructure construction of viaducts and stations section from Saigon Bridge to intersection of National University service girder installation work of viaducts in June 2015.

 - Viaduct: Bored pile completed 2.067/2.626 pile; pile cap 337/431; column 291/431 columns; pier cap 175/431. Now preparation for launching girder by new technology in June 2015.

- Station: Construction of bored pile; pile cap, column completed at An Phu, Rach Chiec, High Tech Park, Phuoc Long, Binh Thai, Thu Duc and National University station and carrying out construction of pier cap. Which Thao Dien station completed of Double T work. Proper Van Thanh, Tan Cang station and Suoi Tien terminal progress slower.

- Special Bridge: Commencement of construction for Rach Chiec Bridge and Hanoi Highway Bridge on March 2015 in which:

+ Sai Gon Bridge: completed of bored pile, pile cap, pier column and pier cap, now carrying out construction of pier table.

+ Rach Chiec Bridge: bored pile completed 32/43 piles   

+ Dien Bien Phu Bridge: completed of bored pile and carrying out of pile cap and pier column works.

+ Van Thanh Bridge: completed of bored pile work   

+ Ha Noi Highway: bored pile completed 17/26 piles

- Depot: continue earthworks, PHC piling, retaining wall and drainage system. Completed 471/489M3 of earthworks; 746M of retaining wall; 583m of drainage system and 4.000/20.295 m PHC piling.

- Casting yard: The first girder installation in April 2015. Currently, casting yard ensure progress for girder installation work.  

 Overview of construction update in June 2015

 Bored pile work at Bason Shipyard (VD01)

 Pile cap work on Van Thanh Canal 

 Pile cap work for viaducts (VD03)

 The overall view of Van Thanh Station  

 Pile cap construction of Dien Bien Phu Bridge

The overall view of Tan Cang station

 The overall view of viaducts construction at VD04 


  Pile cap work at VD05

 The overall view of Sai Gon bridge construction

 The overall view of Thao Dien Station 

  Substructure construction of viaduct at VD07 completed


Launching girder 1 ( LG1), construction of superstructure of viaduct  at VD07

 The overall view of An Phu Station

 Bored pile work of Rach Chiec Bridge (RC03/04)

 Launching girder 2 ( LG2), construction of superstructure of viaduct  at VD10


The overall view of Phuoc Long station


The overall view of substructure viaduct at VD11

Pile load test of Depot

 The overall view of Depot

 Casting yard serving for superstructure construction of viaduct