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Special Bridges

Special bridges will be constructed where the distance between two piers is larger than 35m, these special bridges will be designed with balance cantilever type including 03 spans for crossing wide rivers, canals or intersections. There are five special bridges total length 1,129m.

 1. Van Thanh Bridge with 150m in length (crossing Van Thanh Park)

 2. Saigon Bridge with length of 267.5 m cross the Saigon River and runs parallel to Existing Saigon Bridges with a distance of 40m from the Saigon Bridge.

3. Rach Chiec Bridge with 231m in length (crossing Rach Chiec River)

4. Hanoi Highway Bridge with 250m in length (crossing Hanoi Highway for turning the line from the North of Hanoi highway to run on the South of Hanoi Highway going towards the Depot)

5Dien Bien Phu Bridge is designed in stay cable bridge type as it is located at the entrance to the City Center. The length of Dien Bien Phu Bridge is 230m.