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Total of 11 stations - the length of each station is 137.17 meters.

The station is designed with two floors, and connects with the pedestrian bridge crossing Highway streets in order to create favorable conditions for people to access the station from other side of the highway (Suoi Tien Terminal Station is the exception).

As the station will form part of the public infrastructure; it will be characterized and designed in accordance with the context of the surrounding urban infrastructures.

The elevated stations design largely rely on natural ventilation and lighting and respond to the climate by providing shelter from rain, wind and sun with design and construction that will withstand the effects of the weather. The elevated station will be open to the air-not enclosed except for weather protection from rain. This is to provide maximum natural ventilation, clear sight lines from the station to surrounding areas and a feeling of openness in order to  reduce  the  visual  impact  of  the  station  mass;  allowing  views  from  the  station  for  waiting  passengers  and  for  orientation  of  arriving passengers.

Stairs, escalators, elevators will be provided for accessing to commercial area at first floor, concourse floor and platform. The commercial area will be the place for development of commercial facilities with kiosks and stores. This area is provided with attractive conditions of space, volume and light.

  • Station type A: with average width of 22m, roof area of about 3000m2, platform area of about 1700m2, height of 19.45m.

          The stations type A includes: Van Thanh station; Thao Dien Station; Rach Chiec; Phuoc Long; Binh Thai; Thu Duc; High Tech Park;Suoi Tien



  • Station type B: with average width of 35.2m, roof area of about 6600m2, and height of 26.95m is a station with two elevated levels.

As for the mainframe, an RC frame structure (civil works), a roof (Architect works) and the platform (civil works) become the hybrid structure. The canopy/roof of Type B station shall be made of tensioned membrane structure.

Tan Cang Station is of this type.

  •  Station type C: with average width of 18.5m, roof area of about 3000m2, and height of 21.5m is the station with two elevated levels.


  • Station type D: with average width of 17.5m, roof area of about 3000m2, and height of 21.5m is the station with two elevated levels.