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Overall construction progress update Sep.2015

  • Overall cumulative actual progress by this month has reached 42.85%. Hand over for site construction completed 100%. So far there is some construction areas progress delayed by problems of utility has not been greed relocation.
  • Overall of site construction: Continue to implement of construction section from Bason shipyard to Depot.

        Viaduct: The construction of viaduct’s substructure about 80% completed, contractors are under construction of viaduct’s superstructure for 12 km of viaducts will be constructed by erection segments with three laungching girders location LG1, LG2, and LG3. In which LG1 from Thao Dien to Sai Gon Bridge; LG2 from Rach Chiec Bridge to Thu Duc intersection; LG3 from Thu Duc intersectin to National University intersection. So far has             completed installation of 36 spans of viaduct (about 1,260m with length of viaduct)

       Station: Currently 11 elevated stations are under construction, include:

         + Thao Dien Station:construction progress of the fastest: concourse beam & slab, clumn and track, platform beam & slap has completed and now carrying of construction of ground structure.

         + Stations: An Phu, Rach Chiec, Phuoc Long, Binh Thai, Thu Duc, National University, has completed construction of substructure and Ongoing construction of superstructures.

        + In which Tan Cang, Van Thanh stations and Suoi Tien terminal progress slower, now carrying construction of substructure.

      Special Bridge: until now there are 05 special Bridge under construction, include:

        + Sai Gon Bridge: construction of 02 pier table has completed, now is preparing the next work.

        + Rach Chiec Bridge: Ongoing construction of the substructure: bored pile 100% completed, completed 2/4 pile cap.  

        + Dien Bien Phu Bridge: under construction of substructure. Bored pile, pile cap and column works has completed, now carrying out construction of pier cap.

        + Van Thanh Bridge: now carrying out construction of substructure, completed of bored pile work, 3/4 pile cap and 2/4 columns.    

        + Ha Noi Highway: bored pile completed 17/26 piles

       Depot: continue earthworks, PHC piling, retaining wall and drainage system. Completed 471/489M3 of earthworks; 866m of retaining wall; 983m of drainage system and 12.800/20.295 m PHC piling.

       Casting yard:Currently, casting beam ensure progress for the superstructure work

  •  Significant Events during the Period:

       04 September 2015: Started casting concrete for platform slab at Thao Dien station

       01 August 2015: Casted 1st concourse slab at Thao Dien station

       03 August 2015: Casted 1st concourse slab at Phuoc Long station

       26 August 2015: Casted 1st concourse slab at High Tech Park station

 Overview of construction update in September 2015