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Overall construction progress 2013


- Overall cumulative actual progress by this year has reached 10.73%. In which completed for site construction hand over about 90%, completed the geological survey and topography 97%, 100% pile load test completed  


- In 2013 The contractor construction of bored pile (section from Saigon bridge to Base II Thu Duc intersection) and Depot area.

- Since April.2013,  the fences has been installed for all available site areas and the Contractor has been implementing the bored piles works for Substructure of viaducts and stations.

- Up to 12.2013 Total 1000/3000 piles has been completed, the pile cap of viaducts has been constructed at some location of which the piling works had completed.

- Depot: The Contractor has progressed the earthwork for depot since April 2013 and has already completed 90% of the earthwork volume and at the same time carried out retaining wall construction.

- Station : Has commenced the construction at Thao Dien, Phuoc Long, Binh Thai, Thu Duc and High Tech Park Station. These stations have been fenced and piling works started.

- Special Bridge : Have 05 special Bridge on line, in which Sai Gon Bridge the first construction on  December 2013   


 Site of construction after 1 year